Sunday, August 16, 2015

5 Great 18 Inch Doll Fall Looks and One Free Pattern

Well, tomorrow I go back to work from my summer vacation. I work as a librarian at an elementary school and so I've been off work for about 2 months.  It has been a good one but I hate to see it go. We didn't really do a lot this year. I went to my mom's house in Tennessee two times this year. It's been hard on her since my dad died but she's doing better. And then my daughter went to camp and on a mission trip. So all in all I think it has been a good summer. But usually I'm pretty much ready to get back in a routine and see all of my co-workers again. And of course the kids are great too!

I thought that I would share with you some of my outfits that would be great for your 18 inch doll to start to school in. All of these outfits are available in my Etsy Shop.

Cute school girl jumper and pink blouse.
The first one is one of my latest outfits. It is a black and white polyester jumper and pink cotton blouse. It is made from a pattern by 18 On Main. The second one is an olive green corduroy jumper and floral matching blouse. It is also made from a pattern by 18 On Main. You can find this pattern on Pixie Faire.

Cute green corduroy jumper and floral blouse.

Teacher's Pet school dress
Next is a cute green daisy print dress. Your doll will be at the top of her class in this one! This was made from a pattern by Kotton Candy Doll Fashions. You can find it on Etsy. I made a brown dotted dress from the same pattern. The final dress that I have to show you is a dress made by the Teacher's Pet School dress pattern by Kotton Candy Doll Fashions in an argyle print. Any of these 5 looks would be great for your 18 inch doll to wear on that very special first day of school.

Now I have an added bonus for you. Every doll just has to have a great backpack to start to school. And if you love to sew, you will love this free backpack pattern by Stephanie from Many Small Friends. This is such a cute backpack pattern. I just love that it has two buckles that buckle. I kind of reminds me of the book satchels that I used to carry to school way back when! You should really check her blog out!  I hope that everyone has a terrific school year!

*Disclaimer- I am not affiliated in any way with the American Girl Doll company or any other 18 inch doll company.

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