Friday, August 7, 2015

My First American Girl Doll Store Visit

I thought that I would share my experience with visiting the American Girl Doll store. I asked my daughter what she would like to do for her birthday this year and she said that she wanted to go to the AG store. Well I think that I was just as excited to go as she was. So a couple of months before her birthday, I made some reservations to eat at the Bistro Cafe there at the AG store in Dallas, TX. We went on the day of her birthday July 23. She turned 13 and it seemed like the perfect way to celebrate her birthday. So my husband drove us there and he went to the mall in Lewisville while we shopped.
The front of the store at the Dallas Galleria.

Emily chose to take her doll Saige and her newest doll Grace to the store.

When we got to the store, we asked if we could have a personal shopper because we heard that it was helpful to have one. We did not know about this free option so we did not make reservations for one. I found out that in order to reserve a person shopper, that you have to make those reservations about 3 months in advance. I called AG to see if we could get one but they said that it was too late. But they said to ask when we got there and we might be lucky enough to get one. Since this was on a weekday and not a weekend we did get lucky and we were able to get a personal shopper. I did find this feature some what helpful but Emily was so excited that she just wanted to go off on her own and look. So I think that if we ever go back, that we will just forego the personal shopper and do it on our own.

Rebecca one of the BeForever line of dolls. I like her she is really pretty.

Julie and her Volkswagon. She's one of my favorites mainly because this was the time era in which I grew up.

Emily decided on getting Caroline. I think she was a good choice especially since she is being retired this year.
I will have to start thinking of outfits to make for Caroline.

Our personal shopper helped my daughter decide what we were wanting to buy. At first Emily was wanting to get one of the Bitty Baby Twins but when she saw the display of Caroline, she changed her mind. She not only got Caroline but she also got her Holiday gown. It's a beautiful gown that comes with long white satin gloves, plum colored shoes, and a braided headband. Oh and Emily also got the accessories that come with Caroline. It includes a gorgeous hat that ties with a ribbon, a bag and a toy top.She also got Caroline's pet cat Inkpot.  She also got a pet from the Truely Me collection. She picked out the Himalayan cat because she loves cats. She also got a pink princess collar for the cat. We didn't really mean to get the Himalayan cat because we had chosen Inkpot instead but the personal shopper rang it up by accident. By the time we had noticed it, it was a little too late. Yes we probably got more than what we should have but birthdays only come once a year right?

A cute dress from the Truely Me collection.

One of the newest items in the Truely Me collection. I love that the desk flips up. I would love to have this someday.

Cute table and chairs! I love the play food and the Crock Pot.

Truely Me dolls
I like the new Asian look to one of the dolls.

More Truely Me dolls

Upstairs at the Bistro
They had a display with the GOTY doll Grace.
This is her travel set.

 This is the bakery cart. Cute!

After we checked out, we went upstairs and waited to be seated for our lunch. We really wanted to get Saige's hair done at the salon but there was a 3 hour wait and our reservations would be ready in an hour. So we said that we would do that some other time. The next time we will get in line for that as soon as we get there. But we were finally seated and we placed our order. Emily ordered the pretzel appetizers with cheese dip and I got the spinach and artichoke dip. My dip came with little pita triangles. It was good. Emily liked hers but she was expecting the pretzels to look like pretzels. Instead, they came to her on a skewer like a shish kabob. For the main course, she ordered mac and cheese (which came as no surprise to me) and I got the Bistro burger. I thought that the burger was good. For dessert, Emily ordered a birthday cupcake that she got to decorate. And when they brought it to her, they sang Happy Birthday. Of course all 3 of our dolls got to eat too! When we were done, we got to keep all of the little plastic plates and the cups that the dolls drank out of. We also got the hair ties that were our napkin rings. I thought that the service was great! I would definitely go again. Sorry this was such a long post, but we had so much fun that I just had to tell all about our great day!

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